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Vibe Wedding Entertainers

This is a fun live wedding band who play a variety of the great hits from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and some beyond.

During the early phase while guests are mingling, we cover romance ballads from Beatles to Billy Joel: Cat Stevens to Coldplay: Diamond to Dire Straits,  Our sound is always set at a comfortable level, ensuring guests can freely chat.

When it's time to party, we dial up the sound with sure-fire hits such as 500-miles, Hey Baby and Sweet Caroline.  We draw the party onto the floor, interacting with your guests to create loads of buzz and fun on the dance floor.

If you're looking to create a unique, fun and unforgettable wedding day, this is your band. Fill your wedding album with amazing memories!


Include Perth's Leading Magician

If you book the trio for your wedding, you have the option of including leading Perth Magician Steve Silk into your celebration.

As four times winner of the WA Society of Magicians Annual Magic Competition, Steve brings amazing magic, fun, astonishment and surprise to your wedding celebration.

Steve performs close-up magic to small groups of your wedding guests, theming his magic around relationships, marriage, rings and diamonds. He builds loads of fun into these close-up magic performances that gets small groups of guests gasping, laughing and having fun. This is world-class magic right in front of your guests’ disbelieving eyes.

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  • 25 years
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